The Harbor School crew is committed to support students, families, and one another.


We work to provide a positive environment and a high-quality educational experience for every student. We are happy to discuss any concerns you may have to address individual needs.


Please contact any member of our crew; we'd love to get to know you better.



The New York Harbor School

550 Short Avenue

New York, New York 10004

 212 458 0800

on Governors Island


New York Harbor School Principal

Assistant Principal

Assistant Principal

Assistant Principal


Foreign Language

Health & Physical Education

* A BOP industry professional who teaches alongside NYHS faculty.


Parent Coordinator

College Office

Main Office

Pam Edwards

Cadian Leys

Bev Means

George Peterkin

Marlon Scott

School Operations

School Food

LA Ebron

Crystal Smith

School Safety

Fatima Day

Wendy Lockamy

Victor Olivero

Antonio Perez

Robert Rocca

BobbieJoe Schneider

School Facilities

Jose Colon

James Malone

Benito Nunez

Robert Steele

Orel Stephson

bowEither side of the front of the vessel. Something ahead and to the left of the vessel is "off the port bow", while something ahead and to the right of the vessel is "off the starboard bow".

550 Short Avenue

NY, NY 10004

 212 458 0800


550 Short Avenue NY, NY 10004