This web page will guide you through the admissions process.  Everything you will need to know about applying to Harbor School can be found below, including a step-by-step guide, instructions on applying, suggestions for improving your chances to gain admission, deadlines, and links to important DOE information.

Before you begin, we would like you to know:

Prior to submitting your high school application, think about what you want your high school experience to be like and do plenty of research about your options. To get started, please follow the links below.

Next Steps

Step 1 – Surf the Harbor School Web Site
Step 2 – Watch “You Should Come to Harbor School”
Step 3 – Visit and Connect
Step 4 – Introduce yourself
Step 5 – Talk to your Parents, Family, and Teachers
Step 6 – Apply to Harbor School

Important Dates

Check with our Parent Coordinator, Ronni Ettinger @ REttinger@newyorkharborschool.org

Helpful DOE Links

Admissions Process
High School Choices
Admissions Calendar & Events
Online High School Directory