New York Harbor Foundation

Board of Directors

Established in 2010, the New York Harbor Foundation funds and manages mission-critical programs for Harbor School students that are above and beyond the school’s scope and DOE budget. In order to help the school meet its ambitious mission to prepare students for success in college and careers through the restoration of their local marine environment, the Foundation has created, funded, or managed the following five programs for three years:


Teaching, training, and learning in the marine environment is expensive. The Foundation supports Harbor School’s six Career and Technical Education programs.


New York Harbor is our classroom, but it severely degraded and largely inaccessible. The Harbor Foundation works to restore the Harbor to be the best possible environment for teaching, training, learning and playing through the Billion Oyster Project.

After School

Extracurricular activities keep students engaged and create community, giving students an opportunity to discover new aptitudes and interests. Our goal is for every student to be engaged in something educational and fun until 6 p.m., with special support for those activities that relate directly to the marine environment.


The Harbor Foundation runs summer programs to: recruit future Harbor School students; continue the learning process through months where students are disengaged; capitalize on the better weather; and prepare students for success in their upcoming school year.


College should be a real option for all students. Our College Office works to promote college readiness and helps remove barriers to college for our students.