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New York Harbor School, graduation day on Governors Island



现在进入我作为海港学校大学辅导员的第八个年头,我很高兴能加入 2023 届的大学之旅。










电话 212-458-0800 分机。 2162

楼 212-458-0801

Touring SUNY Maritime

Counseling by Grade

 Your child will probably experience several transitions - adjusting to a new learning environment, making new friends, building relationships with new teachers and staff, and becoming more independent. Your child needs your support and involvement to help them make a smooth transition to high school. Get ready to begin a new journey with your child. Click here for 9th Grade Planning Guide For Families.


Starting a new school is an exciting endeavor . . .

Now that your child will be enrolled into their CTE courses, it's a good time for him or her to take on new challenges and really begin to explore college and career options and pathways.  It's never too early to conduct research, nor is it too early to start thinking about standardized tests. Click here for 10th Grade Planning Guide For Families.


Ninth grade is officially behind you!  

 Junior year is indeed the most important year of high school, and it's time to get serious about your child's college process.  Your child will take the SAT or ACT, enroll in AP classes, begin developing their college lists and ask their teachers for recommendation letters. Click here for 11th Grade Planning Guide For Families.


Half-way through high school!

 Your child is in the final stretch of their high school career and will begin making important decisions about life after graduation – enrolling in college, joining the workforce, enlisting in the military or pursuing other career opportunities. More transitions are on the horizon and your child will need a lot of support from you during the college application process.  More specifically, they will need your help with securing and understanding financial aid.  Help  them stay on top of their A-game with their applications and make good financial decisions. Click here for 12th Grade Planning Guide For Families.


Congratulations! Senior year has finally arrived. 


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