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Meet the Crew

The Harbor School crew is committed to support students, families, and one another.


We work to provide a positive environment and a high-quality educational experience for every student. We are happy to discuss any concerns you may have to address individual needs.


Please contact any member of our crew; we'd love to get to know you better.

Aneal Helms, I.A. Principal of the New York Harbor Scool

Aneal Helms
I.A. Principal

“We have teenagers engaged in finding solutions to LOTS of issues everyday. It’s SO exciting and inspiring.”
Diana Halluska, Assistant Principal of the New York Harbor School


Diana Halluska
Assistant Principal

“Every day, our students work to create the changes they wish to see in the world.”
Jackie Stephenson, Assistant Principal of the New York Harbor School

Jackye Stephenson
Assistant Principal

“Our students travel from every borough and board a ferry every day for a chance to row, sail, drive and dive into their studies at the Harbor School.”
Picture Day for the New York Harbor School staff
NYHS Faculty selfies
New York Harbor School's Ocean Engineering Class
New York Harbor School's Welding Class
New York Harbor School staff sailing
New York Harbor School's table at NYC High School Fair

Faculty and Staff

Our crew includes seasoned Academic teachers, CTE, instructors,  Special Education teachers, Paraprofessionals and a staff of dedicated support professionals.

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