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New York Harbor School main building on Governors Island
How to Apply

The first step is to learn about Harbor School  . . .  its mission, its history, and its future.  You can do this by continuing to surf our website, and we encourage you to take your time as you look around. 


One of the guiding principles of the High School Admissions Process is that students in New York City are empowered to rank schools and programs that accurately reflect their preferences.  Take advantage of this opportunity by exploring the hundreds of high schools available to you and rank the high schools that best fit your interests. 



As you read our website, consider the following: 

  • Could I imagine myself attending Harbor School?

  • Would I look forward to going to school every day?

  • Am I excited about the school’s curriculum?

  • Do the classes and programs interest me?

  • Would I be willing to travel to Governors Island every day?

  • Would I enjoy spending time on, in, or near the water?

Although your answers to these questions may give you a sense of your interest in Harbor School, they are only the first set of many questions you may ask yourself as you continue the admissions process. 



The best ambassadors for any school are its students. Watch as they share stories with us about their on-water experiences, and tell us what it’s like to go to Harbor School.




We encourage you to come see us on Governors Island. On your visit, you will tour the school, hear from representatives of the Admissions Team, and have your questions answered by current students and teachers. You will get to see our main campus with views of the Upper New York Bay and surrounding cityscapes; our custom-built marine science labs and technology workshops and our Marine Affairs, Science and Technology (MAST) Center.

Our spring tours are now closed. Please check back in the fall for tour dates and registration information.

Tour Registration



Now that you have surfed our website, watched students share stories about their on-water experiences, visited our school and connected with us through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and introduced yourself, it is time to talk with your parents, family, and teachers. Together, talk about your interests and needs and ask them to help you decide if Harbor School is right for you.


Are you seeking a marine science or technology certification? Is hand-on learning important to you?

Are you okay with a long commute? Do you want to learn to row, sail, fish, or repair boats? Are you

interested in restoring the local environment?


Program Code: K51A

You will receive your Round 1 high school application from your guidance counselor or on your NYCDOE Schools Account. You must complete this application, listing up to 12 high school programs in priority order, and return it to your guidance counselor or entered on your NYCDOE Schools Account by December 9, 2022. If you have questions about how to apply, speak to your school guidance counselor. For more information please visit:


Harbor School does not generally admit students in Grades 10, 11, or 12.  On rare occasions, a seat may become available in these grade levels.  If you are interested in applying to Harbor School as a transfer applicant, please contact the Admissions Team for more information.


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