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NYHS Ocean Engineering students, robotics testing

Ocean Engineering

The Ocean Engineering program introduces students to the discipline of engineering and engineering technology in an ocean environment by providing opportunities to learn as they design.

Ocean Engineering students build and test remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and Autonomous Underwater vehicles (AUVs), and a variety of other mechanical and electrical inventions. 


Dorick Lee, NYHS Faculty


Ocean Engineering 10

Ocean Engineering 11

Ocean Engineering 12

Career and Financial Management


Students are exposed to several three-dimensional modeling programs, from Google Sketchup to Solidworks. Ultimately, the students will receive Solidworks Certified Solidworks Associate certificate by their senior year. Filling the severe demand for engineers and technology innovators has become a national priority, and the opportunities afforded graduates either heading to college or directly into the field has never been greater, especially in the maritime industry. By the end of their three years studying Ocean Engineering, students will have demonstrable skills in design and engineering and connections to the field that are unlike any other program in the country.

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